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Midas was known in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. So we have begun to produce products so that all Greeks and people who love and visit Greece can see that Greek land is gold.

Our aim is the production and promotion of prime Greek products in Greece and abroad. Traditional Greek products, such as olive, olive oil, honey, pollen, ouzo, tsipouro, Chios’ Mastiha, Kozani’s crust, wine, spoon sweet, marmalades, liqueurs and many more, are now famous around the world for their excellent quality and taste.

The innovative ideas of the Midas’ team, such as olive oil with edible gold, watermelon spoon sweet with edible silver, honey with rose petals, spicy cannabis and so on, bring us to the heart of the consumers.Our products are the best souvenirs that any visitor in our country can take with him when he returns to his homeland to remember Greece.For this reason, Midas’ team has original handmade packaging items, such as baskets, paper and wooden boxes with our selected products from the Greek Land so that the visit to our country will be unforgettable.